Announcements for the Week of March 27, 2016

Visit the Morning Star Cafe on Sundays at 8:30 AM

FREE, coffee, tea, and bagels are available every Sunday.

FREE donuts, juices, coffee, tea, and bagels are available on the first Sunday of each month.

On the third Sunday, get 2 pancakes and 2 sausages for only $1.00.

He is Risen!

World Missions Numbers are IN!

New Faith Promises from our Missions Convention have totaled more than $240,000 for the next 12 months. That's the way to believe!

Our National ranking for last year, 2015, among almost 13,000 US Assemblies of God churches was 71st in the nation. 

AG College Visits

Registration info is on the PowerLine Facebook Page

Convoy of Hope One Day to Feed The World is Today

We're praying that everyone will make One Day a special day. We'll receive a special offering today, Easter Sunday, and we're asking for everyone to give one day's earnings to help Convoy of Hope feed more than 150,000 children every day in various countries. And also to assist Convoy of Hope in helping in Disaster Relief as well as spreading the Gospel through city wide outreaches. Will you give One Day?

Please give one day's wages to be part of a ministry of compassion. It's a great way to help show the practical side of Christianity. And to be the hands of Jesus to a world in need.

Click here to donate online to COH - One Day to Feed The World

"What We Believe" - A Pentecostal Perspective

A new Wednesday Night Bible Study begins this Wednesday in the Chapel at 7 PM.

“False Christs and false prophets will appear…to deceive even the elect” Matthew 24:24

To weather such encounters, Paul encouraged maturity; believers would then “no longer be blown here and there by every wind of teaching” Ephesians 4:14

Children's Workers Class

April 17 at 5:30 in the Chapel

There will be a new workers class for those who have not been cleared to work with our children and teens. If you just need to be re-certified, you can join us for the first portion of the class.

2016 Speed The Light Spring Sprint 5k

Sponsored by PowerLine Youth Ministries

Lums Pond State Park (Area 1)

May 7 - Race Start 9am

Registration forms at info desk

All proceeds benefit Speed The Light

Starting Next Week "WHO ARE YOU?" and "The ME I want to BE".

This multi-part series will help us to better know who we are, what God says about us, and how to become the best US or YOU or ME that we can become.

"Parental Guidance Required"

This Special Life Group for parents, especially parents of younger children, starts April 3, 9 AM

  • Session 1: Experience isn't Everything
  • Sessions 2: The Three Dials
  • Session 3: Turning the Spiritual Dial in Your Child's Life
  • Session 4: The Big "I"
  • Session 5: Out of Control
  • Session 6: Turning the Relational Dial in Your Child's Life

All attendees should avail themselves of our options for childcare during this series. We prefer that "little ones" not be a distraction during these sessions.