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Young Adults - In a Galaxy Far, Far Away Escape Room

🚨 Important: 🚨 The room has a max of 10 people and we’re up to 9 that are going. Keep an eye on the Facebook Event Post for updated information.

Cost: $20 (Bring cash to me, Mike as I’ll be buying everyones tickets at a discount.)

“You are a team of rebel soldier that have all been dispatched by Princess Leia to Cloud City above the planet of Bespin in order to try to locate Luke Skywalker’s hand that was just severed in a light saber fight with Darth Vader. Your intel suggests that the meanest warlord in the city has found Luke’s hand and the light saber he was holding and is keeping it in his lair. He is planning on using it to replicate Luke’s DNA to create his own army of Jedi. Your team enters the lair and calls in a bomb threat to get him to vacate the premises. He leaves in a hurry, so now is your chance! Find Luke’s hand and get out of there before he realizes it was a hoax and returns to deal with the culprit. You have 60 minutes… You’re our only hope!”

Earlier Event: January 1
No PM Service