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Men's Breakfast

Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood

Session Eight: Am I Stepping Up? Part Four: Men Plan ahead and Provide

Men today need to realize that a battle is upon us. There are no bullets or bombs, but we are on a battlefield all the same. It’s a fight for our families and our future. We not only need men who are willing to bravely step up and be the men God has designed them to be, but we also need other men to stand alongside us as we fight.

Winston Churchill is often quoted as saying, “There comes into the life of every man a task for which he and he alone is uniquely suited. What a shame if that moment finds him either unwilling or unprepared for that which would become his finest hour.” Are you uniquely suited to help other men step up? If so, this video series may be just the tool you need.

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