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Kid's Day Special Guest: Dick Gruber

Special Speaker: Dr. Dick Gruber - January 10, 2016

Dick is the Children's Ministries Specialist at the University of Valley Forge, where he's a faculty member. 

Please use the special invite cards. Let your children invite their teachers to this very special day. The Kids Choir will be singing, teachers will receive some special gifts just for coming, and Dick Gruber will have a carefully crafted message for the day. Adults are also free to invite a teacher.

Kids Day featuring the Kids Choir - January 10 at 10 AM

We have a special day planned for January 10, we're calling it Kids Day! Our intention is to get as many kids here as possible, as well as their school teachers. All of your children's teachers will have had a break from their students and will be getting back into the swing of things. 

We believe that they will come to see their students in a special Kids Choir that will sing that day. Once they're here, Dick Gruber will share. Dick is a Kids Ministry Specialist and he will share a message that will lead to an opportunity for your child's teacher to come to know Christ as Savior.

Please take some of our Kids Day invite cards and give them to teachers and let your children invite their teachers. We'll also have special gifts for all school teachers who are with us that day.

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