Workplace is the communication hub that Praise Assembly staff and ministry volunteers use to communicate and collaborate with each other.

What's great is that Workplace will look and feel familiar to Facebook because it was built by them. But your Workplace account is completely separate from your personal Facebook account. Posts made in your personal account are not visible in your Workplace account, and vice versa. 

Why use Workplace?

In a nutshell, Workplace replaces messy email threads and also adds a multitude of useful functionality. 

Here are some examples on how we've been using Workplace

  • Miss Lucie and some members of the Media Team (sound, projection, camera) collaborated in a special projects group for the Kids Play. We were able to discuss notes on lighting and graphics in a way that email just doesn't work for.
  • The Media Team has been able to share videos on various production techniques, tips on video recording procedures, and even scheduled a team training day like it was a Facebook Event.
  • In the Social group, there has been fun, non Praise related talk such as discounts at local restaurants and funny videos.
  • The pastoral staff and various team leaders are part of the Main Services group where they're able to give a heads up on what elements will be part of an upcoming service. A second offering or special video? It's all in there.

For a brief overview of Workplace as a whole, watch the video below.


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